The Certificate in Takaful is equivalent to Level 3 of the National Qualifications Framework of England, Wales and Northern Ireland in the United Kingdom.

The course offers a basic understanding of the Islamic principles – Shari’ah – in providing risk protection according to Islamic principles that emphasise shared responsibility and mutual assistance whereby participants of a group or a scheme guarantee each other against loss or damage by paying contributions into a common fund, and this fund is invested complying with the prohibitions specified in Shari’ah.

Instead of a traditional written assessment , you will have to take an examination with a set of ninety Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs) at the conclusion of the final lesson (Lesson 9). A minimum of 75 correct answers out of 90 is required to pass. If you are successful  you will be instantly awarded a digital Certificate in Islamic Banking that you can download at any time.

If you fail in your first attempt you will be allowed a second attempt after payment of an administration charge which we will advise you after the examination. However, if you fail in the second attempt you will have to register again for further attempts to obtain the Certificate in Takaful.