Course Feedback

Diploma in Islamic Banking Students

Abdul Latif Parkar, Qatar

"It is an excellent way of distance learning and I am one of the lucky students who has fully utilised this course to equip myself with the knowledge of fastest emerging Islamic Banking Industry. This course has opened the doors for my higher studies in the religion Islam and the Islamic finance and I am confident that this course will be the foundation base on which I can build and spread the Islamic religious and financial know how. This course has already changed my attitude in financial dealings and showed me the life roadmap on which one can lead his life according to the will of ALLAH.This course has also brought in me the sense of responsibility that I can convince others to opt for Islamic Banking for their financial dealings and get rid with the curse of interest for bringing social justice in our society."

Syeda Siddica Banu Syed, India

"To pursue Islamic banking studies its like my dream come true, perhaps I did not score well, coz was busy with my little son. Mashallah I liked everything about the course, very professional, highly organised, I appreciated the prompt response by brother Naqvi may Allah swt reward you with the best in this life and the best in the hereafter."

M. N. Mohamed Fawaz, Sri Lanka

"It offered an opportunity to go through a process of studies especially how to deal with brother Muslims in terms of transactions related commercial dealings which is very significant to the spirit of Islam particularly at a time Muslims at large are only concerned in complying with obligations of fulfilling the commands only on rituals aspects eg: prayers, fasting etc in Islam but not obliging to the mandatory obligations towards their Muslim fraternity as mentioned herein."