Course Structure

The Certificate in Islamic Banking is equivalent to Level 3 on the National Qualifications Framework of England, Wales, and Northern Ireland in the United Kingdom.

The course has 10 lessons and Multiple-Choice Questions (MCQs) questions examination after the last lesson (Lesson 10). The questions are designed to test a basic understanding of the Islamic principles and other prohibitions like speculation, gambling and moral standards that apply to interest-free Islamic banking products, services and investments.

Lesson 1: What is a Bank, What Banks do, How they are Regulated

Lesson 2: The Islamic Bank

Lesson 3: Shari’ah, Islamic Commercial Law and Contract

Lesson 4: Common Contracts in Islamic Banking

Lesson 5: Mobilisation of Deposits

Lesson 6: Loans and Financing

Lesson 7: Fee Based Services

Lesson 8: Islamic Financial Markets

Lesson 9: Corporate Governance, Central Bank Regulation, Shari’ah Supervision    

Lesson 10: Takaful (Islamic Banks for Islamic Insurance) for Islamic Banks