Course Syllabus

The Certificate in Takaful is equivalent to Level 3 of the National Qualifications Framework of England, Wales and Northern Ireland in the United Kingdom.

The course has 9 lessons with ninety Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs) questions examination after the last lesson (Lesson 9). The questions are designed to test a basic understanding of the fundamental Islamic principles that apply to Takaful providing risk protection through shared responsibility and mutual assistance of the participants in a scheme, as the Islamic alternative to conventional insurance products, services and investments.

Lesson 1: Insurance, Risk Protection, and Insurance Operations

Lesson 2: Permissibility of Insurance in Islam

Lesson 3: Takaful, Alternative to Conventional Insurance

Lesson 4: Takaful Business Models

Lesson 5: Family Takaful and General Takaful

Lesson 6: Operations of the Takaful Operator

Lesson 7: Retakaful

Lesson 8: Regulation, Corporate Governance, Shari’ah Compliance

Lesson 9: Bancatakaful