Mode of Study & Tutor Support

Mode of Study and Tutor Support

The distance learning method has been chosen for all courses. In this method, the course material is sent to students, usually by post and subsequently by e-mail. Students can study in the comfort of their own home, at their own pace and according to their convenience, (though bearing in mind that the course must be completed within the specified period from the date of receipt of the course material - 6 months for the certificate, 9 months for the diploma and 12 months for the post graduate diploma). As such, the course need not interfere with existing work obligations. However, to successfully complete a distance learning programme while doing a full time job requires drive and determination.

Another advantage of the distance learning method, is that the course can be studied anywhere in the world and does not require the student to attend any formal classroom lectures, commute to educational institutions or live in halls of residence. The cost of distance learning courses is therefore substantially less than the courses held at the traditional colleges and universities. It is an extremely cost effective approach to education.

Tutor Support 

Once you are enrolled onto your chosen course, you will be assigned a tutor. Your tutor is there to support you through the course, provide any clarification required and give feedback on your assessments via e-mail.
Your tutor will regularly review your progress against the milestones that will be set by the Institute. Whilst the concept of distance-learning is to allow you to proceed at your own pace, it is necessary to indicate milestones so that you are aware of the amount of work that is involved in the course. Past experience has shown that students who are left to complete their studies without set timescales are unlikely to complete at all.