Courses offered by IIBI

About the Courses

Who should do the course?

In the broadest sense, our courses are designed for anyone who wants to learn about Islamic banking, Islamic insurance (takaful) and Islamic investments and be introduced to how the key products and services are structured according to Islamic principles. Our Post Graduate Diploma and Diploma courses are especially for people who are planning a career in the Islamic finance industry, including those working in Islamic banks wishing to further their careers and students enrolled in undergraduate or MBA programmes. Our Certificate courses are helpful to those wanting to learn more about the basics of Islamic banking and Islamic insurance (takaful).

How do I know which course is for me?

Our courses cover a wide range of areas within the lessons. On our website you will find information about our courses at different levels and the subject areas covered in each course.

How do I get a copy of a course syllabus?

The course structure for each course is provided on our website.

Do I need any previous qualification or experience before I can register for a course? What is the entry requirement for your courses?

Yes, the minimum should be GCSE or any equivalent and a graduate degree for the Post Graduate Diploma course. Individuals without qualifications will also be considered at our discretion based on their circumstances and work experience. A good working knowledge of the English language is essential for all courses.

Do the courses assume any previous knowledge of banking or insurance?

No previous knowledge of banking or insurance is necessary.

Do I need to know about Islamic teachings and Islamic law?

No. The Islamic rules and principles applied in Islamic banking, insurance and investment are covered within the lessons.

Are the courses for Muslims only?

Our courses do not support any creed or promote any religious doctrine however, they will focus on the moral values and principles emphasised in Islam and common to other faiths and value systems.

I am a mature student – does that qualify me for your courses? 

There is no upper age limit to register for our courses. However, you must be 18 years old or over and meet one of the entry requirements.

Will your courses be of value to me if I already have a University degree or an MBA?

Islamic banking and Islamic insurance (takaful) are new branches of the finance industry with global appeal. Both have an additional layer of governance requiring their operations to comply with Islamic principles including specific prohibitions that do not apply to regular banks and insurance companies. It is important to know there are many differences between what you learn about banking and finance and insurance at universities and business schools and how Islamic banking and Islamic insurance are practiced in the real world.

Do you allow any exemption for your courses? 

We may allow exemptions in our Post Graduate Diploma and Diploma courses from some of the modules and lessons on a case-by-case basis. If you wish to be considered for exemption in any lesson or module, you should submit your request to Each case will be considered on its merits.

I already have a job in an Islamic bank. How will the courses help me?

You will add value to your work and differentiate yourself through the deeper knowledge you will learn by taking Post Graduate Diploma or Diploma course.

I have noted that the courses of some other organisations cover a greater number of subjects. How did you decide what subjects to include?

We have designed our courses to cover subjects that are most important in practice of Islamic banking and insurance and to allow more time to understand what you have learned.

How difficult will the course be?

This is dependent upon the nature of the course you register for. As an estimate, the levels of learning for our courses range from providing a basic understanding to a comprehensive level. The courses have been written and structured especially for home study; thus, you will always find that the course material is written in a clear and easy to understand format.

How long will it take to complete the course?

The completion period for the Post Graduate Diploma is 12 months, for the Diploma it is 9 months and for the certificate it is 6 months. The format gives you the time between lessons to digest the material, to learn through self-assessment and to have time to think about questions that have arisen in your mind. If you can devote more time, you will be able to complete the course in in a shorter period.

Will I get a qualification after I have completed my course? 

On successful completion of your course, you will be awarded the qualification applicable for the course you have studied. The certificate is issued by the Institute of Islamic Banking and Insurance (IIBI) in United Kingdom. Post Graduate Diploma holders will automatically become a member as an Associate Fellow of the Institute. 

Are the courses accredited and recognised by potential employers?

Until January 2024 IIBI was accredited by the British Accreditation Council (BAC) as an online, distance and blended learning provider. However, we decided not to continue with the BAC because of their high accreditation charges.

Generally, Islamic banks and other Islamic financial institutions have accepted Islamic finance qualifications awarded by IIBI since 1994.

Those wishing to pursue higher studies at a university after successfully completing our Post Graduate Diploma course can seek exemption for a Master’s degree in Islamic Finance, or a related field; the decision will be that of the university. The Markfield Institute for Higher Education in the United Kingdom will allow exemption for their MSc Islamic Economics, Finance, and Management Degree awarded by Newman University, Birmingham, United Kingdom. Further details are on our website under the Post Diploma in Islamic Banking course.

Are our courses available in different languages?

Our courses are currently available in English only.


What is the mode of Study?

All our courses are by distance learning. You will be able to study online from anywhere in the world with a personal computer or laptop and internet connection.

What are the advantages of Distance Learning? 

There are many advantages of distance learning, but the main advantages are the comparatively lower cost and flexibility, helping the maximum number of students from all parts of the world to benefit. There is no need to attend classes and you can learn from home, at your own pace and get through your course as quickly or slowly as you please.

How does Distance Learning work? 

Once we have registered you for a distance learning course and you have paid the course fee, we will provide you with information to Login onto our online learning platform – IIBI Virtual Learning Environment. With your unique User ID and Password, you will be able to access the learning materials of your course and submit your assignment or take Multiple Choice Questions Examinations. Just follow the instructions at the end of each lesson. You will find detailed instruction in the IIBI Study Guide.

Can I study for a course if I live outside the United Kingdom? 

All our courses are designed to be delivered online by distance learning. You can easily study our course with a personal computer or laptop and an internet connection.


When do the courses start? 

You can start as soon as you receive your unique User ID and Password to access our online learning platform – IIBI Virtual Learning Environment. You will be provided with these after you have paid the course fee.

Do I need to attend classes?

You will not have to attend any classes. All our courses are by distance learning and designed to be completed online in the comfort of your own home from anywhere in the world.

What do I need to study the courses? How do I receive the learning materials?

You need to have a personal computer or a laptop and internet connection. The learning material will be available on our online learning platform – IIBI Virtual Learning Environment. You can Login with your unique User ID and Password and complete your course. Instructions will be provided to you after you have paid the course fee and will also be in the IIBI Study Guide.

Do I need any additional learning material to complete my course? 

No, our course materials should be sufficient to complete your course. However, we always encourage further reading and research. For some lessons we provide a list of references for further reading; these may be available in your local library or on the internet. You can also browse the Knowledge and Publications sections on our website.

How can I receive learning material help?

As you study your course and need help with the learning material of your chosen course, contact us at:

What are self-assessments?

To check you are understanding the content, some lessons of our Post Graduate and Diploma courses may have self-assessments within the learning material to allow you to progress forward. These do not affect your grades but are there to test your learning and ensure you are getting the most out of your course.

Will I have a tutor?

You will be assigned a tutor for the Post Graduate Diploma and Diploma courses. The tutor will grade some of your assignments where you require to submit written answers to questions. Multiple Choice Question will be graded automatically.

If you have any questions for your assigned tutor, contact us at:

Is there a deadline for completing the courses?

Each course must be completed within a specified period. For the Post Graduate Diploma, it is 12 months from the date of your registration, for the Diploma it is 9 months and the Certificate it is 6 months.

Will I be allowed extension of time if I cannot complete my course within the specified period?

If you need more time to complete the Post Graduate Diploma or Diploma course, or need to take a break from studying, you should contact us with reasons. We will consider requests based on individual circumstances. You will find further information on our website under each course.


Are there any tests or examinations?

There will be opportunities to test your learning at the end of each lesson. There is no examination for the Post Graduate Diploma and Diploma courses; you will require to submit assignments that will be graded by the tutor and in some cases answer Multiple Choice Questions. For our Certificate courses, there are only a Multiple Choice Questions Examinations at the end of the last lesson.

What kind of assignments are given? 

There are only assignments for the Post Graduate Diploma and Diploma courses. These include questions at the end of each lesson requiring you to submit written answers to some questions to your assigned tutor for assessment and grading. In some cases, you may have to answer Multiple Choice Questions that will be graded automatically.

How do I submit my Assignments and take a Test/Examination? 

You will have to submit assignments or take any test/examination online using our learning platform – IIBI Virtual Learning Platform. These are provided at the end of each lesson of the Post Graduate Diploma and Diploma courses, and after the last lesson of the Certificate courses. You will first need to Login with your unique User ID and password that we have provided to you.

How will I be graded throughout my course? 

Written answers required in assignments at the end of lessons of the Post Graduate Diploma and Diploma courses will be graded ‘A’ (Excellent) to ‘D’ (pass, the lowest grade before failing) by the assigned tutor. For the written answers submitted to the tutor for assessment, you will normally get a feedback within 14 days for the Post Graduate Diploma course, and 7–10 working days for the Diploma course. Some lessons will have a test in the form of Multiple Choice Questions and will be graded automatically ‘A’ to ‘D’ based on the number of correct answers. ‘E’ is the failing grade, and you will be allowed one opportunity to resubmit an assignment.

Registering for a Course

How do I register for a course? How do I apply?

To register for a course, you must complete the Application Form on our website and submit it along with any documents. To get to the Application Form simply click on “Apply Now” of each course on our website.

Once I have applied, what happens next? When do I start?

Once you have applied for a course, and after your application is processed by us, you will receive a letter confirming your registration and advising to make payment of the fee. After you have paid the fee, we will advise you on how to get started. There is no need to wait further, you can then start immediately.

When will I receive confirmation of my registration on the course?

Usually, you will receive a letter from us within 5 working days confirming registration on your chosen course.

Where are you located/based?

IIBI is based in the United Kingdom, but our courses can be studied online from anywhere in the world using a personal computer or laptop and an internet connection.


What is the course fee?

You will find information on course fee for each course in “Courses” on our website.

When do I need to pay?

You should make payment within 14 days after receiving our letter confirming your registration. You will only receive your unique User ID and Password to start studying after you paid in full.

What are the accepted methods of payment?

You can make payment by PayPal using your debit or  credit card or make a bank transfer.

Do you offer any discounts on course fees?

No, we do not offer any discount for our courses. However, we may allow a reduction in the Post Graduate Diploma course fee for applicants who live or are resident in developing countries in the Third World. Any reduction allowed will be advised when with our letter confirming registration and is at our discretion. Our decision is final.

Does the course fee cover the cost of registration, course materials and tutor support, where applicable? 


Is there any extra charges or costs involved for registration? 

No. You only pay the course fee advised to you. However, there is a charge if you require extra time to complete the course you are studying.

Can I Pay in Instalments? 

As the course fee is already lower than many other organisations offering comparable qualifications, we require payment in full at the time of enrolment.

Can I get any financial assistance for my course fee such as scholarships?

We do not have any scheme offering financial assistance or scholarships However, we may offer a reduction in the fee of the Post Graduate Diploma to applicants who live or permanently reside in developing countries of the Third World. This will be communicated in our letter confirming registration on a course after we have reviewed your application form. Our decision is final.

What is your cancellation / transfer / refund policy?

If you are not happy to proceed with your course then simply let us know within 14 days from your date of registration and we will refund the amount paid by you, less bank, and our administration charges. If you have started on the course, no refund will be given.

If you would like to transfer to another course offered by us, we will allow this provided you meet the entry requirements of the new course and pay difference in the course fee, if any.

What happens if I do not attend my course?

If you do not complete your course within the specified period or the period for which you may have requested an extension, you are liable for the full course fee and no refunds can be given.


Do you assist with obtaining student visas

No. There is no need for visa to study any of our courses, The courses are by distance learning and learning material is provided online. You can study from where you live and you do not have travel to attend classes.

Will I get a Job in an Islamic Bank after Completing the Course?

There is no guarantee that you will get a job after completing our courses, but it can certainly help in your job search with Islamic financial institutions.

Our courses are designed to help you seek employment in Islamic financial industry or advance your career while working in an Islamic bank or other financial institutions. It makes your CV stronger and makes you stronger as a candidate. It should help demonstrate that you are serious and committed about pursuing a career in the Islamic finance industry. The courses will also help prepare you for your interviews with what you have learned about Islamic banking and insurance.

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