Honorary Fellow

An Honorary Fellow is the highest recognition which IIBI can confer on an individual who has played an active role in the Islamic finance sector and whose contributions should be considered ‘long lasting’.

An Honorary Fellow should meet at least one of the following criteria:

  • to have made significant contributions to the work associated with promoting the awarness and prectical implementation of Islamic principles in the Islamic finance, Banking or Insurance Industry 
  • to have earned international or national recognition for their services to the Islamic finance, Banking or Insurance Industry
  • to have demonstrated continuing a support to the programmes and activities of IIBI 

An Honorary Fellow of IIBI is a lifetime membership and will receive a framed certificate to display.

The decision on conferring Honorary Fellow status will be taken by IIBI in consultation with the appropriate IIBI Advisory Group and the decision will be final. An Honorary Fellow can add ‘HFIIBI’ after his/her name.

Persons engaged in Islamic financial services can submit the nomination form for another person.  If the nominator has a personal relationship with the individual being nominated (e.g. father) this should be clearly stated in the form. No persons may nominate themselves.

The nomination process is a confidential process and no person nominating an individual for Honorary Fellow of IIBI should first contact the person concerned to discuss their potential nomination.