IIBI logo evolution

The Institute introduced its present logo in 2005. The desire to update the logo was driven by a desire for a strong brand identity and ambitions to continue to be recognised both domestically and internationally.

A conscious decision was made to retain some elements of the IIBI identity, the crescent and IIBI letters. The crescent, however obvious it may have seemed for an Islamic identity, was considered a valuable element to retain due to the IIBI brand equity it held, and of course the positive connotations of the crescent in an Islamic context. The challenge was to develop the identity that used a very established and well known symbol in a more contemporary and original manner. This was achieved through the pairing of the traditional crescent shape with a contemporary approach to the typography.

The result made up of a three crescent symbol represents the IIBI’s aims of education, promotion and implementation of Islamic banking and insurance practices and incorporates the IIBI acronym – along with the new logotype. The Institute’s slogan ‘Discovering New Perspectives’ has also been reintroduced and now forms an integral part of the IIBI brand. These elements now combine in a variety of formats (and colours) across the IIBI’s communications providing flexibility for the Institute’s users. The new three crescent symbol and acronym placement simply have great stand out: it sits proud and looks upwards. The IIBI letters at an upwards angle reflects IIBI forward momentum and acknowledging the Creator.

The IIBI current logo is not a new design. It comes directly from the previous design where the initials IIBI are embraced within the crescents, looking up to the Creator. The only real change that has been made is to stand IIBI in bold alongside the upward facing crescents to represent an institution that is confident in the transmission of knowledge promoting an understanding of new perspectives in economics, banking, finance and insurance embracing fairness and justice in dealings.