Lectures Topics in 2008

The Prevailing International Financial Crisis. Can Islamic Finance Help?

Dr Muhammad Umer Chapra – Research Advisor. IRTI, Islamic Development Bank

Nov 2008

Surviving the credit crunch - Shari'ah-compliant retail investment opportunities

Bilal Timol- Director, 1st Ethical, UK

Oct 2008

UK Taxation of Islamic Finance - Levelling the playing field

Mohammad Amin – Visiting fellow, Cass Centre, Kennedy School of Government, Harvard University and Senior Associate member, St. Antony’ College, Oxford

Jul 2008

Islamic Hedge Funds - A possibility or a contradiction in terms?

Ruggiero Omar Lomonaco – Head of Islamic finance, ABN AMRO, a subsidiary of Royal Bank of Scotland

Jun 2008

Current Issues in Takaful (Islamic Insurance)

Muhammad Khan – Director, Price water house Coppers

May 2008

Role of Shari'ah Scholars in Standardisation process of Islamic Finance

Mufti Barkatulla – UK based leading shari’ah scholar

Apr 2008

Stock Screening for Shari'ah-Compliant Funds

Iqbal Asaria – Director, Afkar Consultings Limited, UK.

Mar 2008

Prospects for Shari'ah-compliant fund management

Prof. Rodney Wilson – Director of Postgraduate studies, Durham University, UK

Feb 2008

Exploring opportunities within the Islamic Private Equity market

Omar Shaikh – Private Equity Transaction Advisory services, Ernest & Young, UK

Jan 2008