Lectures Topics in 2011

The Emergent Islamic Financial Legal System: A Practical Method or a Dead End?

Nicholas Foster – Senior Lecturer in Commercial Law, School of Oriental and African Studies, University of London

Nick foster small

Nov 2011

Socio-Ethical Failure in Islamic Banking and Finance

Dr Mehmet Asutay – Reader in Middle Eastern and Islamic Political Economy & Finance Director, Durham Centre for Islamic Economics and Finance, Durham University

Oct 2011

Global Financial Crisis And Initiatives For Reform Of The Financial System Islamic Finance: Potential And Issues

Professor Mahmood Faruqui – Senior Advisor Bank of London and the Middle East, London, UK

Sep 2011

Liquidity management at Islamic banks

Mohammed Amin – MA FCA AMCT CTA (Fellow)

Jul 2011

Restructurings involving Islamic financings

Shibeer Ahmed – Partner, White & Case LLP, a leading international law firm

Jun 2011

Islamic Banking – Fundamentals & Rationale

Ali Vania – Senior Manager – Islamic Bank of Britain

May 2011

Product Development in Islamic Banks: Process and Issues

Professor Habib Ahmed – Sharjah Chair in Islamic Law & Finance School of Government & International Affairs, Durham University

Apr 2011

Shari'ah Governance and Reform of Islamic Finance

Mufti Abdul Qadir Barkatulla – A leading UK Based Shari’ah scholar

Mar 2011

Takaful - A Practitioner's Viewpoint

Ajmal Bhatty – President and CEO of Tokio Marine, Dubai

Feb 2011