Lectures Topics in 2005

Disagreements of Shari'ah Boards and its consequences for Islamic Banking

Dr Mohamed Aboulkhair Zaki Badawi - Shari'ah Scholar, Pricipal, Muslim College London

Nov 2005

Making Sense of Islamic Banking (Reaching out to Muslims and Non-Muslims banking with conventional banks)

James Gordon Hume - Cheif Executive Officer, Omega Marketing Consultants

Sep 2005

Competitive Pricing of Islamic Banking Products

Micheal R Hanlon - Managing Director, Islamic Bank of Britain.

Aug 2005

Taxation of Islamic Financial Products

Mansur Mannan - Head of Internal Audit and Shari'ah Compliance function, Islamic Bank of Britain

Jul 2005

Legal structures in Islamic real estate financing and investment

Muneer F Khan - Senior Associate, Norton Rose, UK

Jun 2005

Innovation in Islamic finance: The Futures, Options and Forward Contracts

Dr Humayon Dar - Lecturer, Louborough Univeristy, UK

May 2005


Sabbir Patel - Vice Chairman, The international Cooperative and mutual Insurance Federeation (IMCIF)

Apr 2005