IIBI held lectures throughout the year in London on key topics in Islamic finance. These lectures were generally held monthly until August 2016, with extended lectures for visiting scholars are organised separately in honour of two leading early Muslim scholars – Ibn Rushd and Ibn Khaldun, and to highlight and nurture the intellectual capital available within the Muslim Community. The lectures were given by both the academia and Islamic finance professionals making a significant impact in their field. Speakers addressed subjects on Islamic finance from a variety of angles, in an attempt to reach a broader understanding of the economic issues that can shape future of the global financial system, as well as to air issues that are neglected by contemporary culture. The topics were varied and intended to be thought provoking but did not necessarily represent the views of the Institute. Attendance to IIBI lectures was free.

The last lecture was held by IIBI in August 2016 on “Is Finance Ethical?” and delivered by Mr Harris Irfan, a leading Islamic finance banker. He is the founder and managing partner of Cordoba Capital, an independent Islamic finance advisory firm, and was formerly global head of Islamic finance at the Barclays Group.