Ikhlaas, Purity and sincerity
must reflect in everything we do

Make a Moral Oath

A moral oath is simply an affirmation to act and believe in a code of conduct that emphasises the principles of fairness and justice in all dealings.  A moral code is necessary to protect and promote the common interest of the people and prevent any harm that might endanger peace and stability of society.

We invite you to consider making a voluntary oath set out below the wording of which was agreed upon by the delegates at the Institute of Islamic Banking and Insurance, London, United Kingdom (IIBI) and the International Shari’ah Research Academy for Islamic Finance, Malaysia (ISRA) 4th Annual Thematic Workshop held in London on 10 September 2012. If you make the voluntary oath you must not only fulfil your oath, but you must fulfill all the covenants, express or implied and all your moral obligations of every kind to society without reference to an oath.