Milestones & Achievements

1985: First public lecture on Islamic banking delivered to bankers in the City ofLondon by Professor Rodney Wilson, founder of the Islamic Finance Programme at the Durham University, UK.

1991: First publication of NEWHORIZON magazine, reporting on developments in Islamic banking and insurance globally.

1994: First IIBI International Islamic banking conference in London, UK – Islamic Banking: A Global Phenomenon

1994: First website dedicated solely to promotion of learning and raising awareness of Islamic finance in the UK and globally. 

1994: First Islamic finance qualification, IIBI Diploma in Islamic Banking and Insurance. 

1995: First publication in English ‘Encyclopaedia in Islamic Banking’.

1997: First publication in English ‘Compendium of Legal Opinions for Banking’(Volume I) compiled by a leading international scholar. This was followed by Volumes II in 2000 and III in 2004. 

2000: First publication in English ‘Anthology of Islamic Banking’. 

2001: University of Durham (now Durham University) U.K. agrees to recognise the IIBI Diploma as an entry qualification for their M.A. in Islamic Political Economy. 

2002: First IIBI Executive Development Programme organised in London.

2002: Consulted by the working party led by Andrew Buxton, former chairman, Barclays Bank, to create a level playing field for Islamic mortgages, requiring the change in rules to treat the completion of an Islamic mortgage as a single transaction. Announced in the March 2003 budget.

2003: First IIBI International Takaful Summit organised in London 

2003: First Post Graduate Diploma in Islamic Banking and Insurance 

2004: First IIBI extended lecture organised in London to honour of one of the leading Islamic scholar in Islamic jurisprudence, Ibn Rushd (known inEurope as Averroes). 

2007: First IIBI three-day residential workshop on “Innovations in Structuring Islamic Financial products”, held at Clare College, University of Cambridgecampus, UK. 

2007: The IIBI distance learning programme accredited by Open and Distance Learning Quality Council (ODLQC), the U.K. guardian of quality for the sector. 

2007: Developed two Islamic finance modules for the Association of Business Executives (ABE), a U.K. awarding body, and attended the launch in India.

2008: One-day event (‘Islamic Banking Growth & Shari’ah Challenges’) at the Imperial College London in association with London Umno Club whose Malaysian-origin members are undergraduates, postgraduates, young professionals and permanent residents based in London and the surrounding regions. Imperial College is part of the University of London. A second event was organised by the IIBI in 2011 at the London School of Economics. 

2009: First thought leadership thematic workshop organised in London with the International Shari’ah Research Academy for Islamic Finance (ISRA),Malaysia on “Managing Shari’ah Risk through Shari’ah Governance”, around the central theme of moral responsibility in corporate governance.

2009: Launch of IIBI Diploma in Islamic Banking. 

2009: Contributed to discussions at Cass Business School London for introduction of module on Islamic finance. 

2009: Durham University U.K. agrees to recognise the IIBI Post Graduate Diploma as an entry qualification for its post-graduate degree in Islamic finance (M.A., MSc and Research MA) subject to applicants fulfilling the specific entry qualification of each specialist degree programme. 

2009: First IIBI extended lecture series organised in London to honour the Islamic scholar Ibn Khaldun whose work The Muqaddimah is considered by somemodern thinkers as the first work dealing with the social sciences of sociology and socio-economics. 

2010:  Markfield Institute for Higher Education (MIHE) UK agrees to recognise the IIBI post graduate diploma for the top-up M.A. degree in Islamic Banking, Finance and Management, validated and awarded by the University of Newman, U.K. 

2010: Launch of IIBI Certificate in Takaful (Islamic insurance). 

2010: Assisted the Chartered Institute of Securities and Investment (CISI) establish their Professional Interest Forum in Islamic Finance. 

2012: Produced an examination paper in Islamic finance (level 4) for EDI, a U.K.awarding body. 

2012: Agreement with Metropolitan Consulting ( Metropolitan Training Academy),Egypt to promote and deliver IIBI courses and other programmes in Egyptand elsewhere in the Middle East.

2012: Agreement with Global Learning Centre & Iqra Group, UAE to promote IIBI qualifications in UAE and other international markets. 

2012: Agreement with Tazkia University College of Islamic Economics, Indonesia to collaborate on exchange of Staff and Student, publications, research, development of syllabus, joint seminar, conference and workshop and other programmes.