I (your name)  make this declaration on my own free will, and upon my honour.

My purpose is to serve the greater good of society. I will comply with the laws, regulations and codes of ethics applicable generally and recognise that I also have moral obligations to ensure that my behaviour conduct and actions do not adversely affect the well-being of society, the natural environment and future generations. I recognise that I will face challenges and difficult choices in upholding the highest moral values and the goals of socio-economic justice underpinning all contracts and dealings in Islamic financial services.

I declare that

  • I will be ever vigilant in aiding the general welfare of society, not engaging in such behaviour and conduct that will in any way bring harm, shame or dishonour upon myself and the reputation of the Islamic financial services industry. I will deal in a manner that I would like others to deal with me and abstain from whatever is likely to cause harm and considered immoral.
  • I will be mindful always to honour the rules of honesty, equity, fairness and justice and do my utmost to abide by these in my professional and personal dealings. I will at all times remain vigilant and conscious that I am a guardian for everything placed under my care and will not misappropriate or misuse things entrusted under my care or engage in immoral practices.
  • I will not advance my personal interests above my moral obligations to society nor seek unjust enrichment at the expense of others. I will be concerned always about the right way or ways in dealings where right is considered in a moral sense and distinguished from wrong or immoral and does not involve exploitation of the innocent and gullible.
  • I will always have good intentions in all my dealings with others and take responsibility for my actions. I will remain accountable to my colleagues, peers and society for the harmful consequences of my negative intentions and actions. I will be truthful and not conceal, attempt to conceal or withhold information that will cause or likely to cause intentional injustice or harm to those I deal with and oppose any intentional injustice and harm by others.
  • I will not be ashamed to recognise ignorance in my knowledge and competence. I will seek advice from colleagues and peers to increase my knowledge and competence to ensure my behaviour, conduct and actions upholds honesty, justice, equity and fairness in all my personal and professional life. I recognise that I must set an example of honesty, integrity and highest moral standards of behaviour and conduct that define my credibility in all my dealings and in society at large.

WHILE I CONTINUE to abide by my declaration I may be granted to enjoy a good life and the trust and respect of my colleagues, my peers and other members of society, but should I fail to do so and my intentions and dealings are immoral in pursuit of self-interest and unjust enrichment, may I be guided toward what is right and moral otherwise may the opposite be my fate.