Our history

The Institute of Islamic Banking and Insurance (IIBI) was conceived in 1990, founded in its present form in 1994, becoming a registered charity in 2010.

The origin of the IIBI is associated with the education, training and research activities of the ‘International Centre for Islamic Studies’ (ICIS) in London, a registered charity established 1985. The idea of the ICIS was based on the teachings of Islam emphasising that no one need claim excellence or superiority on any basis other than Taqwa (piety). From around 1990 the ICIS used ‘Institute of Islamic Banking and Insurance’ (IIBI) to promote and advance education, training, research and publications on Islamic (Shari’ah) principles underpinning Islamic economics and finance.

With the decline in the activities of the ICIS, in 1994 “The Islamic Teachings Limited” was formed as a company limited by guarantee, trading as the Institute of Islamic Banking and Insurance’ (IIBI). 

On 30 September, 2009 The Islamic Teachings Limited changed its name to the ‘Institute of Islamic Banking and Insurance’, as a company limited by guarantee and was also registered as a charity on 18 November 2010.