Participants Comments

Omar Shaikh, Ernst & Young (Partitcipant 2007 workshop)

"Excellent course set in great surrounds of Clare College. Course was well taught with the variety of participants brininging their own experiencestus providing a more global flavour to the discussion. In addition, being resident course it provides good opportunity to network and develop new relationships."

Natalie Schoon, Head of Product Development, Bank of London and the Middle East (Partitcipant 2007 Cambridge workshop)

"The workhop is a must for every Professional keen to understand Islamic Finance and its underlying structure. Its paint a clear picture of shari'ah compliant products, including surrounding issues such as legal implementation and examines latest developments in the sector. With a strong focus on innovation, it is highly recomendable to everybody working in this industry."

Nazim Mohammad Nor, CIMB Bank Berhad (Partitcipant 2007 Cambridge Workshop)

A very timely workshop in a fast-moving industry. the tutors were excellent with precise and concise explanations. Not only they touched the basic of Islamic finance but managed to cover lot of grounds on continuing progress as well as thought provoking innovations. The residential nature of the workshop allows for networking and participants to share diverse thoughts and ideas on the develpment of the markets. First rate!"