Programmes and services

The goal of IIBI activities is to enable individuals to clearly understand and apply the fundamental Shari’ah principles in commercial transactions that require justice in dealings, for the public good (maslahah), well-being of society and the environment. IIBI programmes are developed to make students also think more deeply about the Hikhmah (wisdom) behind the moral principles underpinning Islamic finance.

IIBI programmes and activities revolve primarily around Education, Training and Development: 
Education: Offering four qualifications in Islamic finance. IIBI is planning to offer new courses those who wish to specialise in a particular area and acquire more practice-based knowledge.

Training: Workshops involve practical training on structuring financial products that comply with Shari’ah principles and deliberations on the central theme of corporal moral responsibility in corporate governance. IIBI has also held programmes for Executive Development.

Executive Development Programme: As part of education, training and development IIBI has held Executive Development Programmes aimed at bringing together senior and middle management executives as well as Shari’ah advisers and professionals of Islamic and conventional financial institutions from different parts of the world to reinforce the core moral values that should be embedded in all dealings for the benefit of the wider society while also generating profit for the stakeholders.

Lectures, Seminars and Conferences: Since 1985 lectures have been held in London, usually delivered monthly by Islamic finance academics and professionals including lawyers and accountants working in the Islamic finance sector. Annual extended lecture series have been held to honour great Muslim scholars, Ibn Rushd and Ibn Khaldun. IIBI has also organised international annual conferences.

Membership to bring together individuals and organisation interested or engaged in Islamic finance

Thought leadership: IIBI is actively promoting the acceptance for a moral code for the Islamic finance industry and for practitioners to making a voluntary declaration committing to the principles articulated in the declaration, on similar lines to the Hippocratic Oath and the MBA Oath introduced by MBS students at the Harvard University.

Research and Publications: Research has been conducted on an informal basis, publishes a magazine NewHorizon and reference books in English
Information Services: provides information and consultancy on an informal basis to interested persons and organisations.

Examination Centre: Holding the exam for students of AAOIFI’s Certified Islamic Professional Accountant (CIPA) programme in the Europe including UK. (AAOIFI is the Auditing and Accounting Organisation for Islamic Financial Institutions, based in Bahrain).

Media Partners & Supporting Organisations: media partners and supporting organisations for IIBI/NewHorizon magazine to endorse Islamic finance conferences and workshops held by other bodies.